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August 24, 2006

Barney Threats Wind Up in Court

Barney the Dinosaur is on the rampage.  While he's not destroying Tokyo he is annoyed that some people on the Internet are making fun of him.  For while he may love us, not all of us apparently love him.  His lawyers are offended that some of us show it through parody available on the web.  In fact, they send out cease-and-desist letters to people who get under their skin, like Stuart Frankel who maintains the Source of All Evil web site.  He has some Barney material there that is not particularly flattering to Barney.

Well, Mr. Frankel is fighting back with the help of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Akin Gump law firm.  He's suing Barney's owners for threatening his free expression rights over the issue.  The EFF wants to take this case to court to settle the issue once and for all.

Rather than comment on who has the better argument, you are directed to the video available on Google Video that depicts Barney as a rap star.  It's called parody, and it's probably allowed under some forms of free speech.  Warning:  Language in the music contains offensive words and social concepts as typical of uncensored rap music.  This site in no way endorses the message of the music, but intends to illustrate that denigration of Barney is everywhere and, in some cases, extreme.  Go bother the producers of the video, not me.  You can also search any of the popular video sites for the word "Barney" and you'll find similar, if not worse.

Stories are in TechNews, CNET, and the EFF page with links to the legal documents.

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