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July 31, 2006

Microsoft Charging for Office Beta

Speaking of Microsoft, the public beta of Office 2007 proved so popular that the company is going to charge a nominal downloading fee starting Wednesday.  The question is why?  Is it server overload?  A company that has revenues in the several billions and is not an oil company should be able to afford an infrastructure to serve downloads to the world.  Or is it an attempt at getting the population used to the idea of micro-payments as Windows Live starts to make its appearance.  Someone's going to have to pay for those services, especially since Google has most of the audience for an ad driven business.  Will this extend to Windows as Windows?  Look for messages that implore us to turn on automatic updates for only $39.99 per year.  Sure it's a joke...now.

Stories are at Daily Tech, the Register, and Playfuls.com.

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