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July 27, 2006

Kazaa Settles Copyright Action

Kazaa settles its copyright infringement action brought against it by various music and video trade entities for over $100 million dollars in penalties.  Kazaa had been found liable by Australian courts for copyright infringement through its file sharing arrangement.  Kazaa says they will block members from sharing infringing files and will seek to become a partner in legitimate digital file distribution. 

Kazaa said that once the transition is complete, it looks forward to being marginalized as an exciting new legal distribution service since it is neither Apple nor Microsoft as a content provider or market leader.  Sorry, made that last one up.  One question, however.  Will Kazaa  legal downloads still come with spyware?  If so, they can potentially partner with Sony BMG.

News is in the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and the Chicago Tribune.

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