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June 27, 2006

ipod Sweatshop Rumors 2.0

Rumors are rife on the web about allegations of sweatshop conditions in factories churning out Apple's iPod.  The latest rumors are that the contract manufacturer, Foxconn, had admitted violating Chinese law by having workers put in 80 hours of overtime, 44 more than the 36 hours allowed.  Apple sent a team to investigate conditions after initial reports appeared.  Rumors again say that Apple signed off on the factory conditions.

Bloggers and other tech publications are going nuts over this.  The stories seem to emanate from a single report on China CSR.  No real word as to whether any of this is true.  Apple has not released any statements one way or the other. 

Make of it what you will in stories in MacWorld UK, Playfuls, Geek.com, the Inquirer (UK), and AppleInsider.

Update:  Please note the comment from China CSR that there were other numerous Chinese-language stories that indicated the same information.

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Thanks Mark,
We are not the only source of this. Previous to our posting of the article, Chinese-language media had dozens of similar stories, including this well-hit story:

Tks, ChinaCSR.com

Posted by: ChinaCSR.com | Jun 29, 2006 6:59:35 PM

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