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June 5, 2006

Google Spreadsheet Comes Out on Tuesday

Google will release a spreadsheet program that is Excel compatible in file format.  The features include allowing multiple people to work on the same document and letting them conduct a chat at the same time.  Google, as always, is low key about the beta, claiming they are not competing with Microsoft.  Microsoft is likely wary and maybe a little annoyed about the whole thing.  This forces the company to come up with some counter measure as part of the Live Office services.

Assuming there's substance to the feature set and a real capability to work over the web, it should be a great web app for those people who don't have Office preloaded on their machines and don't have access to a spreadsheet program otherwise.  Given Microsoft's market share, that's probably everyone without Excel.  The beta will be available to a limited number of testers.  Nothing like driving demand by making supply exclusive.  Just like Google and not at all like Microsoft.

eWeek has details, as does Vnunet.com, CNET, and Information Week.

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