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May 23, 2006

Wired News Publishes Secret Documents in AT&T-NSA Case

In an amazing bit of free speech exercising, Wired News has published documents under seal in the Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit against AT&T.  The suit is based on AT&T's cooperation with the National Security Agency by allowing the latter to place equipment on transmission lines that effectively gather and monitor all traffic on the Internet.  AT&T has asked a judge to have the documents returned to them as "trade secrets."  The judge has refused.  The government has filed a motion to dismiss based on state secrets.

The documents as published by Wired provide a highly detailed description of the equipment, where it is located (down to the secret room, aisle, and bay within the room) and even includes pictures and related information about the history of this surveillance, and the use of equipment from other tech companies in accomplishing it.  There's enough detail there to give anyone pause, whether from the point of view that this information needs to be protected to keep us safe or we need to be protected from the government (to keep us safe).  The documents were given to the EFF by former AT&T technician Mark Klein.  The same judge ordered the EFF not to release them.

Wired has published two stories, one on the documents and their content, and another on why the magazine published them.  The short reason is that Wired wasn't covered by the court's gag order and the editors felt it important that the information be public.  AT&T will not confirm that these documents are the real thing.  Wired says that since the documents in the court file are under seal there is no real way to compare.  Of course, if they are, it's pretty scary stuff. 

The links to the documents are in the stories, linked above.  The response time from Wired may be a bit slow as these articles are in demand.

More legal documents in the case are at the EFF website here, and includes the government motion to dismiss the suit on grounds of revealing state secrets.  Collect them all while they are still in the wild.

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Isn't it amazing that consideration of whether publishing NSA-related secrets is harmful to our national security just doesn't even enter your little head!

Posted by: eliza | May 23, 2006 2:39:36 PM

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