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May 9, 2006

Verizon Warns Against Net Neutrality Laws

Verizon is attacking net neutrality principles again.  The potential legislation is to give some oversight to the Federal Communications Commission on the issue. Even with a pro-business Commission in place there is the threat that the attitude of the Commission could change with a change in administrations.  Therefore, no regulation is better for the telecoms than any regulation.

The example used by Tom Tauke, Verizon's executive vice president of public affairs, policy and communication is health monitoring over the Internet by a hospital.  His take is that the hospital and patient would want a virtual private network and not the public Internet.  Legislation, in his view, could limit the ability for Verizon and other carriers from implementing this type of service. 

Right.  Most provisions that have any likelihood of passing limit a carrier's ability to downgrade service from another content provider rather than limiting their own ability to provide faster or exclusive services at a higher speed.  That would not only allow for the health VPN, but allow the hospital, the patient, the health insurance company to decide if the premium for the higher speed VPN is worth the cost.

See stories in MacWorld, ZDNet, and PC World Canada for more details.  Public Knowledge has a good array of resources on the topic.

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