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May 26, 2006

Teens Arrested in Extortion Attemp Against MySpace.com

Two teens are arrested for threatening MySpace.com with releasing exploit code unless the web site gave them $150,000.  Shaun Harrison and Saverio Mondelli of Long Island, New York, were arrested in Los Angeles when they attempted to get the payoff from MySpace employees, who were in fact undercover cops posing as MySpace employees.  Whoops.  Charges include two felony counts of illegal computer access and one count of sending a threatening letter of extortion and attempted extortion.

These guys had figured out a way to steal personal information from MySpace through a vulnerability exploit and had successfully done it.  They couldn't figure out there were going to be cops at the other end of the transaction?  What were they thinking?

The story is in Information Week, ZDNet, and the San Jose Mercury-News.

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