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May 25, 2006

Office 2007 Beta 2 Available to Public

Microsoft released beta 2 of Office 2007 earlier this week.  You can get access to a download or order a set of discs here.  The two big changes in the new Office include the revolving ribbon which changes tasks intuitively instead of the static toolbars, and the change in format to XML as a file format.  Reviews indicate that older documents can come into Office 2007, but not saved in old formats.  I have a copy of the beta and will give my own review on this after I install it on a test system.

Microsoft is attempting to get its own Open XML format approved as standard but is running into opposition with the adoption of the Open Document Format.  This XML format is supported by the usual rivals of IBM, Sun, etc.  Microsoft plans to go ahead with a version of Office that does not support ODF working on the supposition that the large installed base will make Open XML a defacto standard.  The Open Document Foundation plans to issue a plug-in for Office that seamlessly integrates ODF as a file format in the new Office.

PC World has stories on this here and here.

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