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May 18, 2006

Net Neutrality Kicks Up in the House

This time, it comes from a measure in the House Judiciary Committee and endorsed by Committee Chair Jim Sensenbrenner. The approach is to embed principles of net neutrality into federal antitrust laws forbidding broadband providers from abusing their market positions.  Sensenbrenner noted that 98% of Americans have at most two choices for broadband access and that duopoly is ripe for anticompetitive practices.  Amendments to similar legislation in the House Energy and Commerce Committee was defeated twice in that Committee.

The subcommittee on the Judiciary Task Force on Telecom and Antitrust  recently held hearings on the net neutrality issue, and they can be located on the Committee's web page here.

The news report of the Judiciary Committee action is here, here, and here.  Musician Moby has become an activist on the issue, favoring net neutrality principles.

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