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May 19, 2006

Microsoft and Symantec Mix It Up Over Vista

Symantec has sued Microsoft to stop Vista from further development.  The suit involves storage of large volumes of data.  Symantec claims that Microsoft is incorporating elements of Veritas (a company acquired by Symantec) technology without authorization.  Microsoft counters that an agreement between the two companies gives Microsoft those rights.  Symantec says not true, that the agreement for use of these technologies has  non-competition elements.  Moreover, Symantec claims that Microsoft filed fraudulent documents with the United States Patent Office in an attempt to stake a claim to the technology.  Microsoft and Symantec have been trying to work this out since 2004.  A lawsuit is a pretty good stick to use for leverage, especially if it threatens one of the two cash cows Microsoft has.

PC World has the sordid details, as does BetaNews, the BBC, the Seattle Times (the suit was brought in federal court there), and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  There's nothing about this on the Symantec Press Page, but Microsoft has something on the suit here.

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