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May 4, 2006

Crash of the Blogs Not Exactly Clash of the Titans

The company that hosts the LawProfs Blog Network was the subject of a Denial of Service attack Tuesday that limited access to thousands of blogs hosted on Typepad and Six Apart.  The DoS attack was spurred by a battle between the security company Blue Security and a Russian spammer.  Blue Security has a program called Blue Frog that traces spam mail sent to email addresses in a companion registry called Do Not Intrude.  For every piece of mail sent by a spammer to one of those addresses another one is sent back to the spammer demanding an opt-out from the mail list.

Apparently the spammer in this situation was less than thrilled to be inundated with his own garbage and initiated a DoS attack on Blue Security.  They moved their home page to a blog hosted on Typepad which brought the DoS attack to that site.  Hence the outage.

This is similar to those situations in comic books where super powered heroes and villains fight it out in a city crashing buildings down around them oblivious to the cowered population watching helplessly.  There are no buildings here, just web sites and an awful lot of inconvenience.

More details are at InfoWorld, Information Week and CNET.

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