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April 17, 2006

Rev. Falwell Denied Web Site Appeal in SCOTUS

The Rev. Jerry Falwell was denied an appeal to the Supreme Court on Monday in a case where he tried to shut down a web site that was critical of his views on homosexuality.  The difference in names between the two sites is an extra letter l.  The Reverend's site is http://www.falwell.com and his nemesis is http://www.fallwell.com.

According to the AP article on the denial of certiorari, Falwell won at the trial level arguing that the offending web site put together by Christopher Lamparello had a nearly identical domain name which would cause confusion among web surfers.  The Fourth Circuit overturned that decision noting that Lamparello created his web site to criticize ideas rather than to steal Falwell's customers.  A visit to each site shows no similarities whatsoever other than the reaction to Falwell's views on the subject of homosexuality.  Disclaimers of non-affiliation abound, with even links to Falwell's ministry pages for those truly misguided in their spelling.

The Fourth Circuit opinion is here.  The AP story about the case is here via the Washington Post.

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