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April 29, 2006

French German Alliance Look to Compete Against Google, Yahoo!

In The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror V, Homer fixes a toaster that takes him back in time.  Each time he returns to the present things are not quite the way he left them.  In one sequence he comes back to baby Maggie who (voiced by James Earl Jones) says "This is indeed a disturbing universe."  French President Jacques Chirac must have felt that way when he decided that his lasting legacy would be for the state to create a French/European alternative to Google and Yahoo.  The project is called Quaero, from the Latin meaning "I seek."  Chirac has been working with Germany and industrialists from both countries for about a year now to put a European identity on search options.  Quaero will focus on multimedia, with the French working on image search and the Germans on audio.  Chirac has committed €450 million (about $569 million US) to the project. 

There is no word on whether English will be a player on the database.  Given the protectionist role the French government takes on French culture, the answer is probably not.  This from a country that changed the word "blog" into the French word "joueb".  Such is life!

More from The Guardian, Pandia Search Engine News, and SearchEngineWatch.

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