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March 16, 2006

Web Sites Offer Anonymous Venting

And they name names, too.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting about a number of web sites that offer anonymous venters to complain about everything from bad tippers to bad bosses, and everything in between.  Some have resulted in litigation, as individuals who have allegedly riled anonymous venters have been named.  One attorney identified as a bad tipper is cited by the story.  In his defense, he said the $3 tip on a $200 bill was an error of a decimal point.  And that actually points out the problem with these sites.  While it may feel good to blast a perceived injustice, how can one defend against this?  It's not pretty.  Maybe it's time to invoke that law congress passed earlier that prohibits anonymous communications with the intent to annoy.

Read it in the Trib (free with site subscription).

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