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March 9, 2006

Google Buys Writely Online Word Processor

In other Google news, the company acquired the Writely online word processing service.  The software lets users edit and share documents with other Writely customers, including groups and other collaborative efforts.  Google made no statement as to what plans they have for the service other than noting the acquisition and happiness with the development team.  There have been some ramblings in the press about a Google Office to compete with Microsoft Office. 

Google is one of the few companies that may have the reach to pull off something such as an Office challenge.  Others have tried and failed.  A Google word processor probably won't have much impact on Word's market share, at least at first.  But it does have the potential to make Word less important depending on how the service is offered.  Perhaps Google's strategy with Microsoft is the death by a thousand cuts approach.  Mail, storage, instant messaging, video and now word processing with more services expected to come, all integrated with a commanding search audience is sure to pull some market share for similar services away from Microsoft.  More on the Google word processing service when its released.

Stories on this are at Information Week, ZDNet, and Red Herring.  The latter story has some interesting views on what this means in the Google vs. Microsoft world, raising the point of what happens when the servers go down.

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