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March 10, 2006

Europe To Microsoft: Documentation Not Good Enough

The European Commission has sent a letter to Microsoft basically telling the company that it is still out of compliance with the EC's 2004 Antitrust Order.  The non-compliance relates to the documentation that Microsoft was to provide to let non-Windows competitors connect to Windows-based desktops and servers.  Microsoft has provided some documentation that it says meets industry standards.  The EU says this is still not complying, and the monitor in the case says the documentation that Microsoft provided after objections were raised remains "incomplete, inaccurate and unusable."

The EU also took steps to state more explicitly the role of the monitor.  This comes after Microsoft took action in U.S. Courts to gain documents from competitors it said the Commission was withholding.  The company claims it needs these documents to defend itself.  The Commission said the monitor's role was "proactive," meaning he needed to consult with potential beneficiaries of the remedies the Commission had ordered.  The Microsoft hearing is at the end of this month, and the company faces fines of $2.4 million (€2 million) retroactive to last December 15th. 

Stories about the latest tussle between Microsoft and the European Commission are at CNET, The Herald News Daily, Bloomberg, and the San Francisco Chronicle.  The EC press release (English) on the status of the monitor with links to other documents is here.

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