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March 2, 2006

Congress To Consumer: Stop! Radio Thief

Representative Mike Ferguson and others are so concerned that you might hear a song on digital radio that you may want to record it rather than buy it.  He's addressed that concern with a bill that would mandate a broadcast flag for both digital satellite radio and digital over the air radio.  This is to protect intellectual property owners.  The RIAA is thrilled saying the legislation is necessary to prevent Americans from assembling music libraries from broadcasts, and redistributing over the Internet and removable media.

CNET's report on this legislation suggests that the bill isn't necessarily headed for smooth sailing because some members of congress still remember a concept called "fair use."  This bill would shift the definition of fair use to the industry rather than balance it between the industry and consumer.

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We've started a grassroots organization to Dump Mike Ferguson, if anyone wants to come along and play!

Posted by: NAR | Mar 3, 2006 7:24:23 AM

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