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February 16, 2006

CD Ripping Not Fair Use Says RIAA

Even if you bought it and paid full list price.  Ars Technica is reporting about a brief filed with the United States Copyright Office in the triennial review of the effectiveness of the DMCA.  The brief argues that the fact that consumers cannot make backups of purchased media is uncompelling.  Basically, if a consumer wants a second backup, he or she should buy another copy.  Backups are unnecessary as the media provided by the industry does not have a high failure rate.  Not only that, but second copies are available at affordable prices.  And even though consumers have made copies of discs in the past doesn't mean they have been authorized to do so.  That, of course, is the RIAA's view.

The article goes on to contrast this point of view with contradictory statements in briefs and arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States in the Grokster case.

You can read it here.  The RIAA brief is linked in the article, but here's a link as well.

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