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January 5, 2006

U.S. Spammer Fined $11.2B

Yes, that's B for Billion(s).  The suit was brought by rural Iowa Internet provider CIS Internet Services against companies in Arizona and Florida.  Several judgments have already issued in the case.  This most recent came on December 23 against James McCalla of whom it was alleged that he sent over 280 million spam messages into CIS' system.  The mails also forged the CIS.net address in the return address field making it seem as if the messages came from the company.

No one expects the see the money anytime soon.  Another part of the penalty was that McCalla was barred from the Internet for three years.  While this judgment effectively takes one spammer off the net, it's unlikely that anyone will see a reduction in junk email.  Some speculate that spam accounts for two-thirds of the mail that flow through the system.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen has the story here.  Another account is at ZDNET UK.

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