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January 11, 2006

New Intel Based Macs to Run Windows (If You Want To)

But if someone took the time and effort to buy an Intel based Mac (at a premium compared to cheap Wintel machines), why?  The only answer is to run software that isn't available on the Apple operating system.  Apparently one of the bits of news to come out of Mac Expo is that Apple has largely given up on preventing anyone from loading Windows onto the new Intel-based Macs.  With a little technical knowledge, a user could create a dual boot system.  Apple has indicated that while they won't stop this from happening, they won't sell Windows or support it.  It should be fun when critical system flaws are uncovered in either operating system and need to be patched.

In other news, Microsoft agreed to create a new version of Office specifically for the Intel Macs.  The promise is on Microsoft's part is to run for five years.

The AP story via MSNBC is here.

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