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August 16, 2005

New On-line Mapping Technology "Shows" Destination

Amazon.com has developed a new mapping technology that will provide an actual picture of the destination about which you inquire.  It is found at A9.com and currently has a storage of 35 million pictures from cities throughout the United States.  Although there are many mapping sites, this one certainly sounds like an interesting and helpful addition.

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US Commerce Dept. Objects to XXX Domain

According to CNET, the US Dept. of Commerce is now objecting to ICANN's planned addition of a .xxx top-level domain for sexual content.  This comes on the heels of a letter from Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, the chairman of ICANN's Government Advisory Committee about other governments expressing reservations on the new TLD.

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August 15, 2005

Interesting Article on Court Responses to Gripe Websites

In its "Technology Today" section, the New York Law Journal has published a detailed article summing up the way courts are dealing with lawsuits regarding "gripe websites."  The author, Shari Claire Lewis, shares a thorough account of specific lawsuits and outcomes.  This is a timely article for anyone interested as more and more people are "airing" their complaints of large companies on the web.

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Google Loses AdWords Case

The Register is reporting that Google has lost a case in the Eastern District of Virginia regarding its AdWords search engine key word tool.  According to the article, insurance firm Geico argued that Google's sale of its trademarks as search terms to third parties violated Geico's trademark rights.  The court's Web site is here.

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