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August 11, 2005

There Appears to be No "Video Game" Defense to Murder

A man was found guilty of murder in Alabama even though he used a "video game" defense to try to explain why he killed three police officers.  His attorneys claimed that it was his exposure to the game Grand Theft Auto that, among other things, that caused his actions.  This game allows players to kill police officers and steal automobiles.  Read the article at Wired News.

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Employer's Liability for E-mail?

Computerworld has an interesting article by Mary K. Pratt on some of the liability issues for employers associated with e-mail (including the accidental spread of viruses), and further discusses some contractual ways of reducing exposure.  You can read it here.

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August 9, 2005

Settlement Between Microsoft and Spammer to Yield $7 Million

In 2003, Microsoft sued Scott Richter, accusing him of "spamming."  A settlement has been reached and Mr. Richter will now have to pay seven million dollars to Microsoft.  Read about this at News.com.

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CNN/Money on Using Others' Wi-Fi Connection

CNN/Money has a story online about the practical and legal risks associated with using another person's open Wi-Fi connection.  It comes on the heels of recent stories of the Florida man arrested for using someone's connection, and another arrest in the U.K.

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August 8, 2005

First Amendment Rights on Websites and the Right to Criticize

A Florida dental patient posted complaints about her dental work, specifically naming her dentist and oral surgeon, on a website.  Consequently, the dentist and oral surgeon filed a law suit claiming slander.  The two eventually dropped the suit.  This case shows that people upset with a service who feel they must voice their opinions in a public forum may encounter suits challenging their first amendment rights to free speech.  Read this case at law.com.

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Continental Airlines and Logan Airport Feud Over Wi-Fi

According to this article on Wi-Fi Planet, Continental Airlines and Boston's Logan Airport are feuding over the free Wi-Fi connectivity Continental offers its frequent flyers.  This service apparently conflicts with Logan's own fee-based service.  The dispute raises issues of frequency conflict as well as commercial interest, and could have implications for the various municipal Wi-Fi networks being built throughout the world.

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