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August 6, 2005

Spyware May Be Facilitating Identity Theft

There was an interesting report late this week by a software company called Sunbelt Software that it had discovered an identity theft mechanism hidden in some spyware.  ArsTechnica has the story here; the original Sunbelt blog entry is here.

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August 2, 2005

Intermec to Symbol: You Are Engaging in Unfair Trade Practice

Intermec Technologies is suing a rival company, Symbol Technologies, for unfair trade practices.  According to the RFID Journal, Intermec claims that Symbol imported three of its own mobile computing products that infringe on patents held by Intermec.  Intermec is suing under section 337 of the United States Tariff Act of 1930, alleging the importing of these products is an unfair trade practice.  It is not possible for Intermec to sue under a patent infringement theory since the products in question are not manufactured within the United States.

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August 1, 2005

Proposed Bill Wants to Tax Porn on the Internet

As noted by the Wasington Post, a group of Democratic senators have proposed a bill that will tax pornography websites 25 percent.  The web-based pornography industry is said to generate about 12 billion dollars each year.  The justification for this tax is to create a fund for child protection. 

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IP Search Software Helps Guard Against Open Source Infringement

Internetnews.com writes today of a partnership between Black Duck Software, a company which markets an IP compliance product, and open source software repository SourceForge.  Under the new arrangement, users can check their products against Black Duck's protexIP system to ensure they haven't unknowingly incorporated SourceForge-hosted open source software without the appropriate license provisions.  Fascinating combination of technology and IP law.

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