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December 2, 2005

Zone Labs Hit With Libel Suit Over Spyware Designation

Software maker 180solutions has filed a defamation suit against Zone Labs, manufacturer of ZoneAlarm and other popular security software for telling some of 180solutions' customers that the company's software is a high risk privacy threat.  The company has taken a lot of criticism from anti-spyware companies who have generally accused it of surreptitiously installing software and burying disclosures in legalese.

The suit is based Zone Lab's assertion that 180solutions' software monitors keystrokes and mouse movements.  180solutions claims that that Zone Labs is wrong in concluding that it is taking advantage of customers in this way.  From their point of view, “the application ‘monitors’ the user’s activities to the extent that it looks for the use of one of the keywords” that pushes an ad at the consumer.

Zone Labs plans to vigorously defend the suit stating “We believe consumers have the right to know what programs reside on their computers, to understand what those programs are doing, and ultimately have the choice to keep or remove them from their systems.”

The suit was filed in King County Superior Court in Washington State last month.

More on this is here and here.

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