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December 2, 2005

.xxx Top Level Domain Discussion Tabled Again

The controversial .xxx domain has been tabled as a discussion item at the government advisory committee meeting this week.  Approval of the new domain had been listed as the first item on the agenda.  This is the second time that consideration has been postponed. 

ICANN is getting a lot of pressure not to establish this domain from the U.S. government, European governments, and various advocacy groups.  The Department of Commerce has said that it received over six thousand comments on the issue, most of them against.  The reason given for the withdrawel was so that parties could review the 350 page report on the issue. Critics were skeptical as the report has been available since last August.

The report is not immediately available at the ICANN site, but a letter from the GAC chairman expressing concern over the approval of the Top Level Domain  does show up along with the draft contract between ICANN and ICM, the potential registrar who has been promoting the TLD.

More on the story is here from Tech News World.

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