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December 8, 2005

What's Up With Blackberry?

Gartner is advising that Blackberry users should consider having a Plan B now that a federal judge has ruled that Research In Motion and NTP did not have a valid settlement agreement AND he would not stay the proceedings pending a Patent Office review of the infringed patents owned by NTP.  RIM has lost appeals up and down the legal food chain and is in a difficult position.

Recent news indicates that the company is in talks with NTP via an arbitrator, but NTP denies this.  Gartner's research brief suggested that users stop or delay mission critical Blackberry deployments until RIM's legal position has been clarified.  An alternative is to seek other platforms or devices that provide similar functionality.  RIM has indicated that the company does have a work-around that would prevent the service from shutting down.  However, there hasn't been any reports as to what shape that would take, or how it would affect users.

More on this from PC World is here.

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