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December 15, 2005

Microsoft Hit With Patent Suit Over Mobile Email

Patent litigation in the tech area seems to be getting more and more popular these days.  A lot of Blackberry customers are getting nervous about their service as Research In Motion seems to be running out of options to stave off a shut down of its popular service.  While the company has indicated that it has a work-around that would prevent a service shutdown, the lack of details from the company as to what that entails has generated a lot of nervous tension in users.

Now comes Visto Corp. suing Microsoft for patent infringement over technology tying email access on mobile devices.  Visto just concluded a licensing agreement with NTP, RIM's nemesis, although the company states that the suit against Microsoft and the deal with NTP are unrelated.  The suit in the Eastern District of Texas lists three patents Microsoft allegedly violated with Windows Mobile 5.0.  Visto has apparently done deals with other mobile carriers such as Vodaphone and Cingular.  Read more in the Reuters story here and another analysis from TelecomWeb here.

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