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November 21, 2005

The Latest on Sony DRM Woes

Another security flaw was discovered, this time in the uninstaller program for Sony's other copy protection scheme which is manufactured by SunnComm.  Apparently, the uninstaller not only responded to commands from the creator's web site, but from any web site, including those with malicious intent.  SunnComm had made the uninstaller available from their web site, but had removed it following the discovery.

In other news, Texas has now sued Sony over the original First 4 Internet software, because it violates the state's spyware legislation.  Texas is seeking civil penalties of $100,000 per violation.  This would be the first suit under the Texas spyware law.  The Texas attorney general was quoted as saying "The message we hope to send with this lawsuit is don't mess with Texas' computers." A PDF copy of the complaint is here.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has also filed a class action suit, the details of which are still being disseminated as this is written.  More on that should appear at the EFF here, including a note that their complaint will be posted.

For a complete list of CDs released with XCP content protection, go to this Sony page.

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