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November 9, 2005

Sony DRM: Even More Revelations

Apparently the horse is far from dead on this.  Computer Associates has more to say on the security risks posed by the Sony DRM software at the center of uproar over its techniques for protecting CD Audio.  First there was the cloaking of the DRM files, then the patch uncloaking them, then the potential security risk from virus writers piggy-backing the software, then and the difficulty in removing the software without express instructions from Sony customer service. 

Now CA says that the software also inserts psuedo-random noise in an mp3 file even if the file is ripped from a non-copy protected CD.  Sony had no comment at this time.  The issue that disturbs CA, and presumably others, is consent a control.  In the meantime, Symantec has also announced that its antivirus software will identify but not remove Sony's code, pointing users to Sony for removal instructions.

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