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November 7, 2005

Sony DRM Controversy Continues

Will this story ever go away?  That's what Sony executives must be asking themselves daily.  Apparently the more Sony's heavy-handed DRM gets publicized, more stuff happens.  Latest developments are that an Italian digital rights group has filed a complaint about the software with the head of the Italian investigative cyber-crime unit, the Guardia di Finanza.  This could lead to criminal charges.

Computer Associates International now plans to classify Sony's software as spyware and will include removal tools in its November 12th release of its anti-spyware software.  Computer Associates advises disabling autoplay when installing an XCP based CDs, or holding down the shift key, which does the same thing on a one time basis.  The company also has instructions on how to remove the software. 

Read all about it and get the links to the CAI removal strategy in this PC World article.

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