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November 30, 2005

ICANN Hit with Antitrust Suit Over .com Deal

The BBC is reporting a conflict between the World Association of Domain Name Developers and ICANN, resulting in a lawsuit between the two groups.  ICANN recently settled a long running dispute with Verisign over how Verisign handled responses when a web surfer typed in an unassigned .com or .net address.  Rather than getting a page not found message, surfers were redirected to Verisign.  ICANN objected and the settlement resulted in Verisign agreeing to a formal review process for any new services.  ICANN, in turn, extended the contract to maintain the .com and .net database from 2007 to 2012, and possibly longer.

The World Association of Domain Name Developers filed suit alleging that this  creates a monopoly in the .com name market as the automatic renewals of the contract will not allow anyone else from entering the .com market.  The lawsuit also alleges price fixing and that it allows Verisign to raise prices.

The BBC article on this is here.

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