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November 16, 2005

Canadian Mom Sued for Internet Defamation

Ontario, Canada, mom Louisette Lanteigne of Waterloo is being sued for 2 million dollars in a libel suit based on statements made on her web site.  Lanteigne began to document code violations by developers doing construction in her neighborhood.  She was praised by various government officials for her efforts including Leona Dombrowsky who was at one time the environment minister.  However, Activa, one of the larger developers in the neighborhood instituted a lawsuit for allegedly defamatory statements on the web site.  These include diesel oil spills on subdivision sites, unlocked oil tanks, roofers working without proper safety equipment and possible contamination of soil and water.   Lanteigne indicated in statements that she was standing by her web documentation and looked forward to a judge reviewing Activa's conduct.

More details on the case and related legal issues are reported on Canada's CNEWS.

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Yes but it looks like she was paid off to apologize. December 9th 2005

During the period of April 2005 to October 2005, I broadcasted numeriuos statements alleging environmental and labour law infringements by Activa Holdings Inc. on a website I established. Since broadcasting those statements, I have since learned that Activa is not responsible for any of the fuel spills or labour law infringements depicted or reported on my website. Activa has not been charged with any environmental or labour law infringements. I apologize unreservedly to Activa Holding Inc. for these broadcasts. I am pleased to make this clairification and apology and regret any inconvience and embarassment which may have been caused to Activa Holdings Inc.

Yours Sincerely, Louisette Lanteigne

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Posted by: bill | Dec 14, 2005 5:54:08 AM

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