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October 31, 2005

Supreme Court (Non) Action in Technology Cases Today

The Supreme Court refused to hear appeals in two cases today that involved unsafe radiation in cell phones and Microsoft's alleged infringement of patents in browser technology. 

Class action suits had been filed against manufacturers that they failed to protect consumers from unsafe levels of radiation.  The 4th Circuit allowed the cases to go forward.  The appeal to the Supreme Court argued that the manufacturers followed federal guidelines and therefore should be immune to such suits.  The cases are Nokia Inc. v. Naquin, 05-198, and Cellco Partnership v Pinney, 05-207.  The AP story via the Houston Chronicle is here.

Microsoft's appeal regarding a Chicago court's finding that it infringed patents held by Eolas and its business partner, the University of California, over how plug-ins are used in browsers was also denied today.  The August 2003 decision from the lower district court was partially overturned by the 7th Circuit.  However, a preliminary verdict of $500 million is still pending against Microsft.  The story from CNET News is here.  The case is Microsoft v. Eolas Technologies, 05-288.

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