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October 10, 2005

Copyright Office Seeks Comment on DMCA's Anti-Circumvention Rules

The United States Copyright Office is seeking public comment on exemptions to prohibition on circumvention of protection systems technologies. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act prohibits the cracking of systems designed to limit use or duplication of copyrighted materials. The same act, however, authorizes the Copyright Office to request public comments and to hold hearings about potential exemptions to the rule. In the past, exemptions have included cracking web filters to see what sites they filter, copy protection in obsolete program formats, and digital books so that the blind may use them. The review for possible exemptions is conducted every three years. Comments are due by December 1.

The Federal Register notice is available from the Copyright Office web site here. The notice includes details on how to submit comments.

A story about the request for comments is available from Wired News here.

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