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June 29, 2009

Nevada Supreme Court: Self Insured Employers are not "Insurers"

From the sound of the facts, it could be an important holding in dire economic times for insurance companies. MGM Mirage v. Nevada Insurance Guaranty Association, __ P.3d __ (Nev. June 25, 2009). 

MGM is a self-insured workers' comp employer, but it was required to obtain excess coverage through insurance companies. It did so, but that insurance company went insolvent.  So, by statute, that put the NIGA agency on the hook for certain "covered claims."  But, NIGA took the position that MGM was an "insurer" in terms of the applicable statute, and so it didn't have to cover the excess claims, even though MGM clearly was not an "insurer" under definitions in the various related statutes.  It's the right result, it seems, but boy do they have to spend the ink to get there.

One thing that will relate to an upcoming post was the court's statement that it follows plain meaning unless it wold violate the "spirit" of the statute.

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