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June 9, 2008


Technology and Constitutions. Related to a post below, a New York court addressed whether state use of GPS data violated a motorist's constitutional right to privacy. According to this article, two to one, the majority held it didn't, with the majority reasoning that the information -- location of the car -- was no different than the information that could have been obtained by simply watching. The dissent pointed out the difference in quality of the information. Stay tuned.

Law Jobs in Decline. For 3 months in a row now, according to this article. Perhaps that's actually good news. Maybe we can redirect some bright talent to doing, rather than arguing? Not meaning to wax political, but I am so hopeful we get someone elected who puts in place an "Apollo Program" to get us away from petroleum. I'm not holding my breath; I am crossing my fingers.

Virginia Anti-Spam Statute Under Constitutional Attack. After affirming his conviction, the Virginia Supreme Court has allowed additional briefing on an over-breadth challenge. The article is here.

Legislative Reforms Slow Oklahoma Supreme Court Caseload. An interesting piece here about the impact of various legislative reforms, as well as the rise of ADR, on the court's caseload.

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