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July 17, 2007

Tid Bits

I'm travelling a lot this week, so things may be erratic. I still have a pile of new, pretty interesting cases to post on, too! I thought summer as an academic was supposed to be slow...

Forced Sterilization, Agency Deference, and "Refugee" Statuts. It's long, it's got lots of conflicting interpretations, it reflects a circuit split, and I bet it will be at SCOTUS next year. Read the Second Circuit's decision in Liv v. US _ F.3d __ (2d Cir 2007) here.

Not Making this Up: Who Would a Democratic President Put on the Court? They're already speculating here.

Sex Change: Is it Deductible under the Tax Code? Hadn't thought about that ever before, but you can see the thinking here.

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