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July 7, 2007

Random Saturday Morning Thoughts on Stat Law

My colleague and I, Linda Jellum, wrote a book that Carolina Academic Press published, called Modern Statutory Interpretation. It's quite good! :-) Actually, we have received very positive feedback.

It is interesting to me that few schools require statutory interpretation, given the predominance of statutes in modern law. We have a 1 hour required course at Mercer Law School, and my colleague covers the course. But 1 hour! It really needs two, I believe, and if you throw in legislation, you could have a very packed 3 hour course. (Personally, I think understanding statutory interpretation is a skill set that virtually every lawyer will need; understanding the nuances of committee hearings, one few will, so I'm less enamored with legislation as a law school topic than statutory interpretation itself, but I'm a pragmatist.)

Anyhow, it just struck me that this important skill set ought to be emphasized more. Write to your Congressman and/or law school dean today!

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