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March 5, 2007

Tid Bits

(Sorry for the absence. I can testify that a flu shot is no guarantee!)

NYC Enforcing Statute Held Unconstitutional 15 Years Ago. The judge in the case isn't happy; ever heard of contempt? If not, read here.

Tax Statute on Insurance Payouts to be Interpreted. Those involved in this case say it's critically important and could result in a lot of refunds. I'm all for that interpretation, whether purposive, intentionalist, textualist, or just plain wrong!

Suit Involving SS Cole and Death on the High Seas Set for Trial March 13. Apparently the families of the murdered sailors have sued the government of Sudan for aiding the terrorists in the attack, as this story explains.

Real ID Act not Really Moving Quickly. States are opposed to it, privacy concerns abound, and this article discusses a proposed two year delay in implementing this controversial statute.

Hug a Thug Dallas Prosecutor? Maybe even Texas will try to free the innocent? Can't be true, but it's in this article.

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