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February 23, 2007

Tid Bits

Then-existing Statute of Limitations Held to Apply to 1964 KKK Killing. There's an article here about the court's decision, which held that a 1972 5 year statute of limitations to federal kidnapping charges did not retroactively repeal the earlier statute, which had no limit.

35 USC 271(f) Oral Argument Before Supreme Court. You can read the transcript here. I posted about related issue down below.

Porn Statutes - Including "Forced Labor" Statutes - More Often Enforced by Bush. There's an article here about a pretty, um, I think, unusual S&M case and porn prosecutions.

Speaking of Forced Labor: Mississippi Legislature to Require State Farm to Underwrite There. There's an article here about the legislation.

Texas Seeks Return to Old West. The Texas legislature, no doubt inspired by Florida, apparently wants a "shoot first, ask later" approach to the use of deadly force. Read about it here.

Editorial about Gitmo Decision. Will the Dems make habeas available to all, or will hearsay and secret evidence be enough to keep someone jailed for life? (Seems like a strange question to ask!) There's an editorial here.

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