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January 20, 2007


Supreme Court to Review McCain-Feingold.  The court will take its second look at this 2002 campaign finance statute, as this article in the Washington Post points out.

Texas Statute Prohibiting Processing Horsemeat for Humans Upheld Over Implied Repeal, Preemption, and Dormant Commerce Clause Challenges.  No, I'm not making it up:  there are 3 horse-meat processing plants in the US, and the Texas AG just tried to shut down the two in Texas that process meat for human consumption abroad. (Glad to learn that none is eaten domestically.  My wife would not be happy were it otherwise.).  You can read the Fifth Circuit's reasoning for vacating the district court's denial of an injunction against their operation here.

Michigan's Ban on Affirmative Action Not Delayed.  There's an article here, following up on an earlier piece, about how a referendum approved by the voters comes into effect despite efforts to delay it.

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