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January 29, 2007

Tid Bits

Earmarks to be Clipped? The Dems say they're going to cut in half the Republican's awful habit of putting bridges where no one lives, and spending money for things that no one needs. Right. And if you believe that, I've got an Alaskan Bridge I'd like to sell you. Don't discard me yet -- bridge apparently links the mainland to some land owned by the Republican Senator from Alaska, so I predict good things for you! But read here for the promises being made.

Mental Health Exception to Late Term Abortion Ban Examined. There's a piece here that those of you interested in this on-going debate may find of note.

Episcopal Split Raises Statutory Issues. In case you haven't heard several diocese of the Episcopal church have split off. Who owns what? This article discusses those issues, both the internal ones and the statutory and legal issues.

An Comparison of International Mortgage Regulation. This article was just sort of interesting - not interpretation but comparative law, but still probably of interest to some of you.

Interested in Clarence Thomas? There's an article here. I'll be honest, I agree that Thomas is no one's follower, but he's no one's leader either. The number of times he's the lone dissenter, giving opinions that border on frightening (e.g., the torture memo cases), grows.

Other States Imposing Death-Penalty Moratoriums, but Not Virginia. Virginia is for lovers of the death penalty might be the new revised motto. There's an article here about the legislature expanding availability of death sentences with a governor who does not see it their way.

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In re CT: the author of that piece is correct. CT is a bold, independent voice on the Court, unafraid to be wrong on every issue, come what may.

Posted by: Guest | Jan 29, 2007 1:41:21 PM

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