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January 25, 2007

Tid Bits

One Senator's Statement in a Committee Report Not "Law." George Bush and a federral judge actually agree on something! I can't find the case, but the article about an attempt by the hydroelectric industry to eliminate protections for salmon in the Northwest by way of a sentence in a committee report is here.

Wiretap Showdown Still Possible. Even though AG Gonzales announced that suddenly the FISA court process was working right and the administration would stop its warrantless wiretapping of phones of US citizens, Congress is actually going to check out whether that's true or not. Here's where you can read about something called "checks and balances."

Don't Have an Affair... Especially in Michigan. There's a statute in Michigan that puts adulterers away for life. You unfaithful Michiganders better read this article and then get your passports and head to Canada and rent the room up there.

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