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December 13, 2006


Homeland Security's Computerized Risk Assessment System Unlawful? There's an interesting piece here about whether the system that assesses the risk that each traveller may pose violates a spending limitation imposed by Congress.

California Election Statute Construed and Upheld. California is always a place of innovation, and their approach to the problem of representation in elections is no exception. An article reporting on how the five year old act was interpreted is available here.

Nashville Hearing on Allowing Consolidation in Broadcast Industry. Can one company own too many radio stations? Yes say many of Nashville's stars. Read about the hearing here.

The election is finally over. There was a runoff in Texas; a Democrat won. Read here. No, that isn't really an issue about statutes, but I didn't realize this was even happening. At least we won't be going to the Supreme Court again (I hope!).

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