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December 17, 2006

A Sunday Morning Read

I was wandering aimlessly this morning and came across a neat article in the Greenbag from a while ago on rock music and law review articles.  You can find it here.  One of the things I do with my articles is have the title include a song by my favorite singer-songwriter (and author), John Wesley Harding (real name, Wesley Stace).  Wes, who has 13 albums and one novel under his belt (the latter was quite an award-winner), has a wonderful, playful sense of humor in his songs that I found fresh, so I started using his song titles in my articles some years ago.  I mail him two copies, one of which he signs and returns to me.  Yes, it's odd.  We finally met a few months ago after one of his shows, and, in one of those moments that tells you a lot about a person, when I introduced myself to him where he was seated signing autographs, he stood up to shake my hand.

Anyhow, that's the Sunday morning diversion for today.  He's got a place on myspace and there you can hear songs for free.  Tell him I sent you.

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