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November 18, 2006


Florida Supreme Court Unanimously Affirms Constitutionality of Child Luring Statute. A Florida statute designed to protect children from online predators was found valid over multiple constitutional challenges. You can read it here

Eleven Spam E-mail Messages Not Enough to Violate CAN-SPAM. A unanimous Fourth Circuit affirmed summary judgment in favor of a defendant travel agency which sent noscitur a sociis (a word is generally
known by the company that it keeps), in its opinion.

More on the President's Judicial Nominations. John Dean has an interesting article here.

Gas Price Gouging Bill Coming, Whether we Need it or Not. There's an interesting piece from the Associated Press here.

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However interesting bush-bashing might be, how about some more statutory interpretion posts? I'd be particularly interested in your thoughts on the statute at issue in the Mass. v. EPA case. I think this is one instance in which "liberals" and textualists will agree-- the plain language requires the Secretary to act, and he must. I'm not a fan of the hippies leading the march against the EPA, but I think their legal argument is completely right.

Posted by: andy | Nov 19, 2006 11:05:38 PM

Thanks for the input. It's hard to figure out what to do here, exactly. I watch my readership numbers, and people do seem to use this as a "what's up with statutes" page, which I'm happy to do, and I keep my eye out for interesting cases, of which lately there've been few. I'm not sure my purpose here is to write lengthy articles on pieces, but I'm certainly game for it when my interest is piqued. I'm happy for you to post about it in a comment, so please do so, by all means!

Yes, I've enjoyed the election results, but believe it or not I've not posted on most of it. I'm sure soon I'll be posting away on crummy statutes drafted by the incoming Congress, too! :-)

And, there's a new opinion I just got that looks quite interesting but I haven't digested it yet.

Posted by: David Hricik | Nov 20, 2006 3:19:09 AM

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