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October 8, 2006

Tid Bits

There's an interesting article over at Slate.com commenting on the political and social issues caused by Congress passing an unconstitutional statute. (I'd add that, as noted in some of the comments here about Worst Statutes in the World, Congress ought to be more concerned about the social costs created by all the poorly drafted statutes out there -- some of which have been creating litigation for decades.)

Here's a piece about the federal judicial selection process. Given that a lot of what a federal judge does is interpret statutes (or regs), I thought it pertinent. Interesting read, too.

The New York Times reports more on the country's legislative response to Kelo.

On the subjects of blawgs generally, there's an interesting piece on the NLJ about whether blawgs such as this are "ads" under the advertising rules. My gosh, I hope not. But, as a preemptive strike, I'm not board certified in anything, and I'm responsible for the contents of this blog. Whew. Now, if I just pay a bunch of money, I'll be clearly protected!

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