November 05, 2007

Zoning Basics in an Hour

I recently was asked to present "zoning basics" in 60 minutes to new municipal attorneys attending the yearly International Municipal Lawyers Association Conference in Nashville, TN.  For those who face similar teaching challenges, I've attached my manuscript and slide presentation.

Download getting_to_know_sim_city3.ppt

Download getting_to_know_sim_city3.pdf

Download zoning_basicsjww2007final.pdf

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State and Local Government in a Federal System (6th Ed) 2007 update

Readers of this blog who use the casebook on which I am a co-author (Mandelker, Salsich, Netsch, Wegner, Stevenson and Griffith, State and Local Govenrment in a Federal System, 6th Edition (Lexis 2007) ) lmay find the attached 2007 update letter of interest.

Download state_and_local_government_update_letter_2007.pdf

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January 17, 2006

Outstanding MIT Resources

MIT has an excellent website that offers video lectures by distinguished speakers with expertise relevant to state and local government law.

For example, here's a link to a presentation by Kristina Ford (former executive director of the New Orleans Planning Commission):

and another on how communities can recover from disaster:

and again, how about "(eco)logical:  Greening the 21st Century City":

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January 13, 2006

Using Simulations to teach state/local government law

Some of you may be interested in the use of simulations to teach certain aspects of state and local government law.  There are a growing number of useful resources of this sort.

Consider, for example, teaching about budgeting:

Massachusetts state budget balancing game:


And then there's "Topeka City Council Survivor" (relates to civil interaction... who gets voted off the island):

For those interested in economic development, try the Electronic Hallway (through University of Washington Evans School of Public Affairs):

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