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November 21, 2007

Sovereigns and Servants: Yale Symposium

The Yale Law Journal has an excellent symposium that considers the interplay of local government law and the separation of powers.  Professor Heather Gerken's overview essay "Of Sovereigns and Servants" is available from SSRN or at 115 Yale L. J. 2633 (2006).  The essay highlights a common issue (correcting imbalance of power between government branches), through differing lenses.  At the national level in recent days scholars have often focused on how to tame the overly energetic national executive, while at the local level some have argued for stronger local executives as a means to strengthen weak cities. 

Other essays on particular interest that are included in the symposium include Richard Schragger's "Can Strong Mayors Empower Weak Cities?  On the Power of Local Executives in a Federal System," 115 Yale L.J. 2542 (2006) and David Barron's Why (and When) Cities Have a Stake in Enforcing the Constitution, 115 Yale L.J. 2218 (2006)

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